What a Difference a Library Makes!

“I just wanted to let you know how great the [Waggin’ Tales] program was yesterday! My daughter has been a struggling reader and we have been doing a lot of different things this summer to keep her on pace. She has not stopped taking about reading to Sophie (the dog) yesterday!!! I think this is a great confidence builder for her and the other children who may be having some harder times with reading. I just wanted to thank you and the staff for providing this opportunity!”


“You all do very educational, beautiful, love filled programs. Our community is so very lucky, bless the children!”

CB via Facebook

“Miss Amy is a wonderful Children’s Librarian! What an asset she is to the Palmyra Library. She always shows kindness to my son!”

AF via Facebook

“The healthy vs. unhealthy foods project of putting healthy foods in a cart and leaving unhealthy ones out impacted [my child’s] eating decisions and caused her to look at food differently – even a year later!”


“Miss Amy is amazing! She goes above and beyond to plan and facilitate children’s programs as well as helping parents and kids on a day to day basis.”

DD via Facebook

“Was not sure where to post my opinion about the everything [bagel] spice that I picked up at the Palmyra Library. I thought it was great. I used it on my eggs and hamburger. Now, it’s one of my favorite spices to give my food a kick. Thank you for widening our knowledge of spices.”

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